Terms of the service





  • Accessories: All the equipment that gives access to a full use of the vehicle, as well as to the services provided by Volvero, when appropriate. Without limitation, the following are considered accessories: the car keys and corresponding keyring, card reader, on-board computer, radio, antenna, MP3 cable, GPS, child-safety seat, chains, pet carrier, vehicle insurance certificate, copy of the vehicle permit, accident report papers, vehicle manual, car mats, spare wheel or repair kit, tool box, trunk tray, safety vest, signaling triangles, fuel card, parking access card(s) and electric vehicle charging cable.
  • Announcement: refers to a Vehicle indicated as available for sharing by an Owner through the Site, Application and Services.
  • Content: means text, graphics, images, music, software (excluding the Application), audio, video, information, or other material.
  • Driver: Platform user who decides to make a reservation and use a shared vehicle on the Volvero platform
  • Owner: refers to a natural or legal person who owns one or more vehicles made available for sharing by creating an Ad through the Site, Application and Services.
  • Platform: refers collectively to the App and the Services.
  • Technical Sheet: refers to a summary sheet of the technical characteristics and conditions of a vehicle made available for sharing by an Owner.
  • Tax / Taxes: refers to any sales tax, value added tax (VAT).
  • User: refers to a natural or legal person registered on the Volvero Platform and who accepts the general Terms and Conditions of the service.
  • Vehicle: refers to any equipment, device, or machine such as cars, mopeds, motorbikes, bicycles, and others that are used as mode of transportation and registered on the Volvero platform.



2.1 The site www.volvero.com (hereinafter the “Site”), as well as the application for mobile devices called ” Volvero “, owned and managed by the company Wego Srl (hereinafter, for clarity, only “Wego”) with registered office located in via Giuriato 55, 36100 Vicenza, Italy are governed by these Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter only “Conditions”).

2.2 The use of the services offered on the Site and on the mobile application is subject to the acceptance, without any modification or reservation, of these General Conditions of the Terms of the Service. The User must express acceptance and this takes place using the ” I have read and accept” button that will appear at the completion phase of the registration procedure or in the completion phase of the purchase procedure of the services.

2.3 The User is made aware that in the event that these Conditions are not accepted, it will not be possible for the User to use the Site, the application and, therefore, it will not be possible for the User to use the services offered therein.

2.4 The User acknowledges, as of now, that Wego operates as a mere technological intermediary between the Owner and the Driver and is, therefore, to be considered as a third party and unrelated to the sharing contract aimed at regulating the relationship between the Driver and the Owner who made a vehicle available through the “Volvero” platform.

2.5 Without prejudice to what is expressly stated above in relation to the relatedness of Wego to the sharing relationship, so that the User can use uniform sharing conditions, the User is made aware of the fact that Wego and the individual Owners have intended to come to a unitary regulation of the sharing ratio of the vehicles that can be booked through the “Volvero” platform and whose conditions can be consulted in the specific section “General Conditions of Sharing“.

2.6 On the basis of what is stated in the previous article 2.4., The User acknowledges that these Conditions are aimed exclusively at regulating the relationship between the User and Wego and between Wego and the Owners.



3.1. Wego, through the Site and the mobile application called “Volvero”, aims to provide the User with a technological and multimedia platform aimed exclusively at facilitating contact between the User and Owner, as well as to make the vehicle sharing procedure faster and, therefore, more compliant with the User’s needs for simplicity and speed.

3.2. Wego, in the pursuit of the purposes referred to in the previous article 3.1., Has created and manages an intuitive online platform, through the Website https://www.volvero.com/ or through the mobile application called ” Volvero ”(compatible with both Android systems and Apple operating systems), aimed at simplifying booking and payment procedures, as well as providing wide visibility to Owners who intend to make their cars available to the User.



4.1. The Site may be used by the User exclusively for personal purposes and for the purposes permitted by law and never for commercial purposes.

4.2. The services offered by the Site are usable only by Users who have reached the age of twenty-one.

4.3. The User who intends to use the Services offered by the Site must have completed the registration procedure (see paragraph 5). During the registration procedure, personal data and information will be requested, the processing of which is illustrated in the information on the processing of personal data (” Privacy Policy “: direct link).

4.5. Before undertaking the registration procedure, therefore, the Company invites the User to read the information on the processing of personal data (” Privacy Policy “: direct link) present in the appropriate section of the Site.

4.6. Once the registration procedure has been completed, the User undertakes not to provide and not to transfer in any way, even on a purely temporary basis, to third parties their access keys which must be kept by the User with due care and diligence. The User, therefore, undertakes to maintain the secrecy of his access keys, constituting the only identification tools for the User and to use the services offered.

4.7. By reason of what has been said in the previous point 4.6., The User acknowledges and knowingly declares that all the acts performed within the Site through the personal access keys will in any case be traceable and attributable to it and will have the same effect binding.

4.8. the User also acknowledges and knowingly declares that it is forbidden by the Company to:

i.   reveal their access keys to third parties;

ii.   provide false or in any case untruthful data or personal information, even partially, with particular regard to the registration procedure;

iii.   attempt to decode, reconstruct, decrypt, disassemble, copy or reproduce the content of the software / hardware used for the Site;

iv.   transmit, send, post or share files, data, codes and programs containing viruses, spyware, malware, adware, trojan horses, worms and the like ;

v.  attempting to violate the Site’s security system and its authentication system. Any attempt or act aimed at violating the security and / or authentication system will entail a civil and criminal liability of the User;

vi.  attempting or implementing any act aimed at examining, testing or proving the vulnerability of the Site or of the network systems connected to it;

vii.   perform reverse lookup operations, trace or attempt to trace the source of information relating to any User or visitor to the Site;

viii.  exploiting the Site and the related Services and the information made available or offered through the Site for the purpose of revealing any information relating to third parties, including without limitation personal identification data;

ix.   inserting links or other means of external connection to the Site;

x.   using offensive, obscene, defamatory, disparaging, racist, derogatory, threatening, vulgar or otherwise offensive expressions, while using the services offered by the Site or in any case and in general while using and / or browsing the Site;

xi.  publishing personal information and data on the Site or of third parties;

xii.  inserting and use personal data and information that violate the privacy of others;

xiii.  inserting content, including multimedia, defamatory, derogatory, vulgar, sexually explicit, pornographic, relating to minors or any other material that according to law or regulations is considered illegal and / or illicit;

4.9. The Company advises the User to provide the utmost correctness and good faith in the use of the Service and the Site and in the relationships that may arise therein with other Users.

4.10. The Company advises the User to give immediate notice if the latter has even the suspicion that their access keys have entered the availability of third parties or if their data and / or personal information are no longer confidential or confidential. To this end, the User undertakes to immediately notify via the email: info@volvero.com

4.11. The User declares, as of now, to indemnify and hold harmless the Company from and against any prejudicial consequences, including the legal costs and liabilities incurred by the same, resulting from the violation of the Conditions of Use of the aforementioned Service.

4.12. The User acknowledges and knowingly declares that conduct contrary to the aforementioned Conditions gives the Company the unquestionable right to suspend access to the User’s site or, in the most serious cases, to deactivate the User’s access keys. also adopting all the actions that may be necessary to inhibit the reiteration of the violent conduct of these Conditions, without this constituting a breach by the Company.

4.13. The user cannot transfer the contract and / or its obligations or rights to third parties.

4.14. The Company reserves the right to hire sub-suppliers to fulfill its rights and obligations under the contract and these Conditions.

4.15. In any case, the User undertakes to cooperate in loyalty and good faith with Wego srl, providing all information and making reasonable efforts to support Wego srl in relation to complaints, claims, expenses, or investigations undertaken by Wego srl or its representatives, insurers, law enforcement agencies relating to claims for compensation, use and abuse of the Platform or other types of investigation.



5.1. The User who intends to use the Services offered by the Platform on the Site or in the mobile application must proceed to complete the registration procedure by following all the steps indicated therein. At the end of the registration procedure, the User will be provided with a ” username ” and a ” password ” constituting the access keys to the personal profile created by the User.

5.2. The User is guaranteed the possibility, at any time, to change the username and password initially chosen through the relative procedure.

5.3. Through the access keys (username and password), which the User undertakes to keep secret and not to transfer or disclose in any way to third parties in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 4 above, the User will be able to access their Area Personnel and, following the booking procedure analytically described in paragraph 6 below, will be able to share a vehicle provided by an Owner.

5.4. Registration on the Platform is allowed exclusively to individuals who have reached the age of eighteen and are holders of a valid driving license. Therefore, access to the Platform, the completion of the registration procedure and the possibility of using the Services offered by Wego is exclusively reserved for adults and is, on the other hand, strictly prohibited for minors and new drivers.

5.5. To access, use and / or register on the Platform, the User, under his sole responsibility, declares and guarantees that he is of age, that he is in possession of a regular driving license and that he is not a new driver.

5.6. The User is made aware and from now on acknowledges and expressly agrees that Wego may install a system for verifying some of the data entered by the User during the registration procedure. In particular, Wego may verify the veracity of the telephone number, e-mail address, identity card and driving license provided by the User.

5.7. In the event that Wego ascertains that the User has provided or communicated false information, it can immediately, without notice and at any time proceed with the suspension or can proceed to disable the User’s personal profile. In the event that the User provides incorrect information but has already proceeded to share the vehicle or the vehicle is still being shared, the same may lose the benefit of the insurance coverage provided by the owner and also of the insurance coverage provided by Europ Assistance. The User, at all times, undertakes to provide all the supporting evidence requested by Wego.

5.8. The User undertakes, from now on, to constantly update his personal information in his Personal Area.

5.9. The User is also made aware of the fact that Wego reserves the right to accept or refuse, at its sole discretion, any registration on the Site and to suspend and / or cancel the Personal Area of a User who does not adhere to these Conditions or has made inaccurate, partial or false information.

5.10. In any case, Wego cannot guarantee the truthfulness, reliability and validity of the information provided by the User who assumes all and exclusive responsibility for them.

5.11. To register on the Site and access the Platform, the User is required to satisfy the conditions indicated below in point 5.12. The User is aware of the fact that these conditions are to be considered cumulative with each other and not merely alternatives. Consequently, the lack and / or the defect of even one of the following conditions is an obstacle to the possibility for the User to access the Platform and to use the Services offered therein.

5.12. Based on the previous point 5.11., The User declares, under his own civil and criminal responsibility, and assumes all the consequences that this declaration entails, that:

i.   registered through the Site or through the mobile application under their real identity and provided their real and current address of residence;

ii.   to have reached the age of twenty-one;

iii.   to have provided their personal telephone number at which they can be reached;

iv.   to have created a single personal profile and refrained from creating multiple profiles;

v.    to be in possession of a valid means of payment;

vi.  to be the holder of a driving license valid in Italy, obtained for at least 3 years, which is not suspended, withdrawn or revoked upon joining the Service and for the entire duration of the same. Any suspension or withdrawal of the License entails the automatic suspension of the interested party from accessing the Service, without prejudice to the right of the Manager to terminate this Agreement.

To this end, valid driving licenses issued by European Union states are considered equivalent to Italian driving licenses, as well as international driving licenses if duly obtained and valid in accordance with international conventions and treaties;

vii.   to agree that Wego, as agent of the Owner with whom the Driver has signed the relative sharing contract, can charge the sharing fee, any, fines and/or charges to the payment method used for the booking for infringements or violations of the Highway Code committed during the journey at period of sharing the vehicle, even if subsequently notified, as well as all expenses, charges and costs as indicated and described in the General Conditions of sharing that the User, at the moment of the reservation, declares to have expressly read and accepted (the General Conditions of sharing are available at any time here: direct link);

viii.  to be responsible for fines relating to infringements or violations of the Highway Code committed during the trip in the period in which the vehicle was rented to it, even if subsequently notified;

ix.   not to have received suspension or revocation of the driving license in the last three years;

x.   not to have refused motor insurance in the past three years;

xi.   to have accepted these Conditions.

xii.  not to be affected by pathologies incapacitating the driving of cars or not to take drugs or other substances (broadly understood) that prevent the normal safe driving of the vehicle.



6.1. Once the driver has completed the registration procedure and created his personal profile in accordance with the previous article 5., he can proceed to book the vehicle he intends to use by completing the booking form on the Platform.

6.2. Through the Platform, in fact, the driver can book the vehicles available for sharing and made available by the Owner, by selecting:

i) the model and category of vehicle you intend to reserve;

ii) place, date and time in which it intends to take delivery of the vehicle; iii) place, date and time of return of the vehicle.

6.3. Once the vehicle has been chosen and the booking form completed, a booking request is automatically generated through Wego by the Owner who made the vehicle chosen by the User available. Wego, in any case, reserves the right to confirm to the User the availability of the vehicle for sharing within 48 hours of the request being made. Before the confirmation by the owner regarding the availability of the vehicle chosen by the User, no sharing fee or other expense and / or cost will be charged to the User. Confirmation of the reservation will be given to the User via notification on the Personal Area of the Platform and / or via e-mail and / or via text message.

6.4. Once Wego has confirmed the vehicle reservation, the following will be uploaded to the User’s Personal Area (as created following the completion of the registration procedure):

i)   a sharing voucher containing the booking identification number, the type and category of vehicle chosen, the User’s personal data, place, date and time of delivery and return of the vehicle, the additional services selected.

ii)  electronic copy of the General Conditions of sharing (at any time available here: direct link) and of the Wego insurance policy (direct link) copy of the insurance policy provided by the owner who has made the vehicle chosen by the same available to the User and selected during the booking procedure.

iii) summary screen of the price for sharing the vehicle (sharing fee) and the price for the Service rendered by Wego through the Platform.

6.5. Before proceeding to complete the booking procedure, the user must carefully read and expressly accept the General Conditions of sharing uploaded in his personal area, as well as carefully reading the insurance policy available via this link.

6.6. Once the documents referred to in point 6.4 above have been read, verified and accepted, in order to complete the booking procedure, the User must pay the price indicated in the sharing voucher. The reservation, in fact, will be considered completed once the payment has been made.

6.7. The Customer must be and remain, for the entire duration of the Service, in possession of the driving license for the category corresponding to the type of vehicle he intends to use.

6.8. The accepted payment methods are:

i)   the most common debit, credit, cryptocurrency, apple pay, google pay and paypal cards and other systems directly verifiable on the platform

6.9. The user acknowledges and knowingly accepts that Wego will pre-freeze a sum equal to fifty euros (€50.00) for a maximum duration of 180 days from the moment of payment. In any case, the user acknowledges and knowingly accepts that Wego may withhold any sums due as a reimbursement for any damage caused to the vehicle, penalties, tolls and any other costs incurred by the Owner due to the use of the vehicle during the sharing period.

6.10. Any payment made outside the platform does not give the right to use any service offered by Wego, including insurance coverage for the shared vehicle.

6.11. Please note that Wego is not a contracting party in the vehicle sharing agreement between users and is therefore not responsible for the actions or conduct of Users.



7.1. Once the booking procedure is completed, the Driver must go to the place, date and time indicated in the sharing Voucher for the delivery of the vehicle by the Owner.

7.2. Upon delivery of the vehicle, the User undertakes to verify the presence of scratches or other damage in the vehicle other than those already reported and indicated in the Technical Data Sheet of the vehicle provided by the Owner and available for consultation by the User at the time of booking.

7.3. The User undertakes, in the event that the presence of damage, dents, scratches and the like not shown in the sharing agreement is found, to immediately notify the owner’s employee before the start of the trip in accordance with the General Conditions sharing (at any time available here: direct link).



8.1. Once the vehicle has been delivered, the user will be solely responsible for the care and custody of the vehicle’s ignition keys. By way of example but not limited to, the User undertakes to drive carefully, to comply with all the rules of the Highway Code, to lock and keep the ignition keys and to use the safety devices while on the road.

8.2. The User, as the sole responsible and contracting party of the sharing relationship concluded with the Owner, unless otherwise provided for in the said contract (see section “Authorized Driver” in the General Conditions of sharing available here: direct link), undertakes to personally guide and conduct the vehicle and, therefore, it is expressly forbidden to grant it to third parties and unrelated to the User.

8.3. The User acknowledges that it is expressly forbidden to rent, in turn, the vehicle to third parties or to transfer the rights and obligations assumed with the conclusion of the sharing contract to third parties.

8.4. The User must use only the fuel suitable for the shared vehicle to refuel the vehicle.

8.5. In any case, the User expressly accepts the General Conditions of sharing which can be consulted at the link: and to comply with them throughout the sharing period.



9.1. The following rules apply to cancellation, refunds and amendments:

a)  In the following cases, user is entitled to a full refund:

 i)     The user cancels the reservation within one hour from the completion of the same

ii)      After having inspected the vehicle, the user considers that it is not suitable for driving on the road

iii)     The owner is unable or does not take action to resolve a problem not attributable to the user, provided that the problem is promptly reported to customer support

iv)     The cancellation is carried out by Volvero or by the owner

v)      Causes of Force Majeure (9.6)

b)  In the following cases, the user is charged for the service + the first day of sharing:

 i)    The user does not show up at the place and time agreed to collect the vehicle

ii)  The user does not have a valid driving license

c)  In all cases in which the cancellation procedure is not carried out in the manner and times provided for in these terms, there is no refund.

9.2. Once the booking has been completed, neither the Owner nor the User will be able to cancel the practice without the express acceptance between the parties, with the exception of what is established in art. 9.3., 9.4. and 9.5. below.

9.3. Pursuant to the Consumer Code (art. 59, lett. “N”) the right of withdrawal is excluded for distance contracts concerning the sharing of vehicles.

9.4. If the cancellation is made by the owner or Wego, the user has the right to a full refund of the reservation.

9.5. The User can cancel the booking by sending a communication to the Owner via Wego. In these cases, the User will be entitled to a refund as per the clauses indicated above.

9.6. The User may cancel a reservation by notifying the Owner via Wego if, following the inspection of the vehicle on the day of the start of the period of use, he deems that the vehicle is not suitable for driving on the road. In these cases, the reservation will be canceled and a full refund of the amount paid will be applied. Before proceeding with the reimbursement, Wego may request the User to produce photographic material in support of the thesis of the non-suitability of the vehicle for use on the road before proceeding with the granting of the reimbursement.

9.7. Without prejudice to what is expressly established in the previous points 9.4. and 9.5., in the event that there are:

i)  serious illnesses of the driver for which the same is considered unsuitable to drive and which must be confirmed by suitable medical documentation promptly sent to Wego;

ii)  natural disasters (including but not limited to fire or flood);

iii) provisions and restrictions by the managing authorities;

iv) wars, riots, riots or acts of terrorism;

v)  other cases falling under the concept of force majeure;

Wego may decide, at its sole discretion, that it is appropriate to cancel the reservation and recognize the driver the full refund of the amount paid for the non-sharing of the vehicle, net of the costs incurred by Wego so far. Each User agrees to release Wego from any responsibility for such cases of cancellation and refund. Wego may request to produce the necessary documentation to support the cancellation request in order to proceed with the refund.

9.8. If it is necessary to modify a reservation, the Driver must send a request for modification to Wego by sending an e-mail to info@volvero.com indicating in the subject the reservation number shown on the sharing Voucher no later than 24 hours before the date and time established for sharing or through an automated procedure on the platform. The User declares to be aware that:

i)    if the Owner accepts the requested change, Wego will issue a new sharing voucher;

ii)  if the Owner refuses the requested modification, the initial agreed conditions will be maintained. In the event that Wego issues a new sharing voucher as provided for in the previous point (i), the User will be required to deliver the new sharing voucher upon collection of the vehicle.

9.9. It is understood that each User accepts that Wego will refund any costs for cancellation and / or no-show only in the event that it has actually confirmed the successful completion of the payment of the confirmed reservation.



10.1. As mentioned in paragraph 2., the User acknowledges, as of now, that Wego operates as a mere technological intermediary between users and is, therefore, a third party and extraneous to the sharing contract aimed at regulating the relationship between users.

10.2. Wego, therefore, has no control and cannot be held liable in any way for the behavior of Users. In particular, the user is made aware of the fact that Wego is not the owner of the shared vehicles and has no participation in the exploitation of the same, since the consideration due to Wego by the User is due exclusively for the activity of technological intermediation, aimed at facilitating access to the Platform and the Services offered therein, which it provides through the “Volvero” Platform and aimed at facilitating the connection between Users.

10.3. The User, therefore, acknowledges that Wego, as a mere technological intermediary, does not assume any type of liability, contractual or extra-contractual, in order:

i)   the information provided by users who make their vehicles available;

ii)  the validity, effectiveness or possible unfairness of the insurance policy provided by the Owner;

iii) cancellations made as established pursuant to paragraph 9; d) the truthfulness of the personal data provided by the User;

iv) the manner and conduct of the User during the sharing period;

v)  any missed payments by the User.

10.4. On the basis of what is stated in the previous point, the User acknowledges that the Company aims to exclusively guarantee the continuous availability and usability of the telematic platform. The user must have a reasonable opportunity to access the Site and its platform at any time of the day. The Site and the Platform are provided in accordance with the aforementioned General Conditions with the exception of interruptions and / or suspensions permitted such as, by way of example, the planned maintenance of the Site or the Platform or the service system.

10.5. The User acknowledges and knowingly declares that the Company cannot be held responsible in any way for malfunctions, suspensions or interruptions of the Services provided through the Site or the mobile application where events outside the Company’s reasonable control occur, such as, by way of example but not limited to:

i)   power outages, telephone lines or telecommunications systems failures;

ii)  closure of the Site ordered by the judicial authorities;

iii) system errors due to the use of third party products;

iv) illegal activity dependent on third parties.

10.6. In any case, the User knowingly acknowledges that the Company is not responsible for errors that occur due to incorrect use of their access keys, the portal, the platform or the Site by the User or for any condition that constitutes the User’s responsibility.

10.7. The User declares to be aware of the risks associated with the storage and transmission of any type of information or data through a public telecommunications network such as, for example, the risks associated with data theft, cloning, loss, malware, phishing and more. For this reason, the User declares to indemnify and hold harmless the Company from any and all responsibility, liability and costs in relation to the aforementioned risks.



11.1 Wego reserves the right to modify the site, policies and these Terms and Conditions at any time to offer new products or services, or to comply with legal or regulatory provisions. The User will be subject to the policies and terms in force from time to time when ordering products or using the site or using the services offered, unless any changes to these policies and terms are required by applicable law or by the competent authorities (in which case, they will also apply to orders that have been previously placed).

11.2. The user has the right to terminate the contract, with immediate effect, in the event that changes to the Terms and Conditions or to the Contract result in an aggravation of the conditions of use of the Site or of the Services offered to the User.



12.1. For all information regarding the processing of the User’s personal data by Wego Srl, the User is invited to read the processing regulations in the specific ” Privacy Policy ” section which can be reached here: (direct link).



13.1. The text, graphics, images, logos, icons, software and any other material on the Site (hereinafter the “Material”) enjoy legal protection under the laws and regulations on intellectual and industrial property. Both Italian and international. Unauthorized use of the Material may therefore constitute a violation of the legislation on intellectual property. The User is not authorized to sell, modify, reproduce, exhibit, publicly use, distribute, or otherwise use the Material in any other way, for commercial or public purposes. The User also undertakes not to exploit the services offered on the Site or access to it for commercial purposes. Copying or in any way modifying the HTML code created by the Company for the creation of the pages of the Site is not permitted. The code itself is protected by the copyright of the Company.

The user must refrain from trying to obtain unauthorized access to any part or functionality of the site, or to other systems or networks connected to the site, by hacking techniques, interception of passwords or any other illegal means. It is forbidden to probe, examine or test the vulnerability of the Site or any network connected to it, as well as to violate its security or authentication measures. It is not allowed to reverse lookup, trace or try to trace the origin of information relating to any user or visitor of the Site or any customer; it is also forbidden to exploit the Site or the services and information made available or offered through the Site for the purpose of revealing any information relating to third parties, including without limitation personal identification data.



14.1 These Terms and Conditions of Use of the Service are governed and interpreted in accordance with Italian law and the parties agree that the Italian jurisdiction will be competent to decide any dispute related to the interpretation and execution of this agreement.



15.1. The Platform and the website www.volvero.com are published by WEGO SRL via Giuriato 55, 36100 Vicenza, Italy, VAT number 04157060247 For further information, please contact WEGO SRL at the following e-mail address info@volvero.com