General conditions of sharing



  • Accessories: All the equipment that gives access to a full use of the vehicle, as well as to the services provided by Volvero, when appropriate. Without limitation, the following are considered accessories: the car keys and corresponding keyring, card reader, on-board computer, radio, antenna, MP3 cable, GPS, child-safety seat, chains, pet carrier, vehicle insurance certificate, copy of the vehicle permit, accident report papers, vehicle manual, car mats, spare wheel or repair kit, tool box, trunk tray, safety vest, signaling triangles, fuel card, parking access card(s) and electric vehicle charging cable.
  • Announcement: refers to a Vehicle indicated as available for sharing by an Owner through the Site, Application and Services.
  • Content: means text, graphics, images, music, software (excluding the Application), audio, video, information, or other material.
  • Driver: Platform user who decides to make a reservation and use a shared vehicle on the Volvero platform
  • Owner: refers to a natural or legal person who owns one or more vehicles made available for sharing by creating an Ad through the Site, Application and Services.
  • Platform: refers collectively to the App and the Services.
  • Technical Sheet: refers to a summary sheet of the technical characteristics and conditions of a vehicle made available for sharing by an Owner.
  • Tax / Taxes: refers to any sales tax, value added tax (VAT).
  • User: refers to a natural or legal person registered on the Volvero Platform and who accepts the general Terms and Conditions of the service.
  • Vehicle: refers to any equipment, device, or machine such as cars, mopeds, motorbikes, bicycles and others that are used as mode of transportation and registered on the Volvero platform.


As mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of Service (please read the terms and conditions carefully via the link provided: Volvero’s Terms and Conditions, the User acknowledges, as of now, that Wego (“Company”) operates as a mere technological intermediary among the users registered on the Volvero platform and is, therefore, a third party and extraneous to the direct regular relationship between Driver and Owner.

Wego, therefore, has no control and cannot be held liable in any way for the behavior of Users. In particular, the User is made aware of the fact that Wego does not own the shared vehicles and has no participation in the exploitation of said vehicles, thus the consideration due to Wego is due exclusively by purpose of the technological intermediation aimed at facilitating access to the “Volvero” Platform and the Services offered therein, aimed at facilitating the connection between Users.

Without prejudice to what is expressly stated above, thus the Driver can enjoy, regardless of the Owner who makes the Vehicle available through the platform called “Volvero”, uniform sharing conditions. The Driver is made aware of the fact that Wego and the Owners have intended to achieve a uniform regulation of the relationship of sharing vehicles bookable through the platform “Volvero” and whose conditions are those provided below.


1.1. Before embarking on the journey with the booked vehicle, at the time of delivery, the Driver is advised to carry out an accurate check of the condition of the vehicle being booked. Wego, therefore, advises the Driver not to undertake the trip without having previously checked the condition of the Vehicle and this is because the sharing agreement and the relative fee exclusively cover the damages of the Vehicle indicated in the “Technical Data Sheet” provided by the Owner at the time of making the Vehicle available for sharing on the “Volvero” platform.

1.2. Before starting the journey, in particular, the Driver must proceed to inspect for damages the Vehicle, external or internal, other than those expressly reported and indicated by the Owner in the “Technical Data Sheet” of the Vehicle booked through the “Volvero” platform and of which the Driver, through the booking, expressly declares to have read prior.

1.3. In the event that, at the time of delivery, the Driver finds the presence of damages other than those indicated in the “Technical Data Sheet” of the Vehicle booked through the “Volvero” platform, the Driver himself is required to report them immediately to the employee and / or appointed by the Owner present at the time of delivery or, in the event of the latter’s absence, by contacting Volvero’s customer service directly at the following number: +39 353 320 1096.

1.4. In addition to any damage, external or internal to the Vehicle, the Driver is required to verify that the Vehicle delivered by the Owner is equipped with:

a)  registration certificate;

b)  spare wheel or, alternatively, tire repair kit

c)   all safety devices; seat belts are present and fully functional; hand brakes are fully functional

d)  the tires and/or tire chains required by the legislation in force at the time of delivery or the chains;

e)   the vehicle parked warning triangle;

f)    a reflective jacket;

g)   full tank of fuel (where applicable);

h)  carjack and emergency equipment;

In addition to this, the Driver must verify that:

a)  the vehicle plates are firmly fixed to the vehicle;

b)  the windshield and rearview / side mirrors do not show any chipping, limiting correct visibility;

c)   the indicator lights (four arrows, side turn signals, brake lights, license plate lights and rear lights) are in perfect working order;

d)  the windows, if electric, are functional

e)   all internal accessories (by way of example: air conditioning, interior lights, navigator) are in working order;

f)    windshield washer fluid is present;

g)   the windshield and/or rear window wipers are fully functional.

h)  the tire pressure is correct

1.5. In the event that the Driver ascertains that the Vehicle made available by the Owner is not suitable for driving safely on the road, the Driver can proceed to initiate the reimbursement procedure as expressly described, in the terms and conditions, in paragraph 9 of Volvero’s Terms and Conditions.

1.6. In any case, the Driver is advised to make a thorough inspection of all the technical specifications of the shared Vehicle and to request any information deemed useful so that the use of the Vehicle during the entire sharing period can be done in a diligent and professional manner.

1.7. Before embarking on the journey, the Driver is required to check which fuel is the correct one for any subsequent refueling.

1.8. The Driver is made aware that he is the only person entitled to drive the shared Vehicle. In the event that the Vehicle is driven by persons other than the Driver, an additional cost will be applied for each additional driver. In this case, the rules relating to the age and duration of possession of the driving license apply to all additional drivers, as indicated in the Terms and Conditions of the use of the Services. If the Driver intends to use the “additional driver” service, he is required to complete the section relating to the identification data of the latter, as well as to upload the photo (or PDF file) of the driver’s license in the appropriate section at the time of booking or, alternatively, contact Volvero directly at the assistance number: +39 353 320 1096.

1.9. In the event that the Driver has chosen the “additional driver” service, the Driver is required to verify the validity of the driving license of any additional drivers as loaded in the relevant section at the time of booking. The Driver is also made aware and expressly accepts that all rights and obligations deriving from these General Conditions, as well as the related individual sharing contracts, also apply in favor and at the expense of the additional driver, who is jointly and severally liable with the driver himself for any breach, cost, expense and / or contractual or extra-contractual liability.

1.10. In any case, please note that the driving of the Vehicle by persons other than the Driver or additional drivers, reported through the appropriate procedure, results in the loss of the additional insurance coverage that all vehicles on the platform are equipped with.


2.1. The Driver is required to use and keep the Vehicle with the utmost care and skill and, above all, is required to fully comply with the legislation provided for by the Highway Code (Legislative Decree 285/1992 and subsequent changes) throughout the period in which the Vehicle is shared and until the keys are returned to the Owner. In particular, the Driver is required to comply with all the technical specifications of the Vehicle and to constantly monitor its functionality and the suitability of the vehicle for use on the road.

2.2. Where the Driver finds the existence of certain technical problems, the same is required to promptly inform the Owner or contact Wego at the assistance number: +39 353 320 1096. The Driver is in any case required to behave appropriately and take all the necessary precautions not to aggravate any technical problems or any faults encountered.

2.3. If during the trip technical problems arise with the Vehicle that prevent it from circulating or using it safely, the Driver is required to immediately and promptly inform the Owner or, alternatively, contact Volvero directly at the assistance number: +39 353 320 1096.

2.4. In the event that some urgent and non-postponable repairs are necessary due to technical failures or failures that prevent the use of the Vehicle or otherwise prevent it from being used safely, the Driver is made aware that the sharing fee includes emergency roadside assistance. However, should it emerge that the technical breakdown or failure is attributable to the Driver, the costs incurred in relation to the roadside assistance service will be charged on the Driver.

2.5. In the cases referred to in point 2.4. Above, it is expressly forbidden for the Driver to proceed with the repair without having previously contacted the Owner or customer service, who will be available to provide all useful information such as, by way of example though not exhaustively, any affiliated centers, to deal with the breakdown or repair of the shared vehicle. In any case, it is expressly forbidden for the Driver, in the event of a breakdown, to abandon the Vehicle, as all the obligations relating to the custody of the Vehicle remain in place for the Driver. In the event that the Driver spontaneously carries out interventions not authorized by the customer support or the Owner, he will be responsible for any damage caused to the Vehicle.

2.6. During the sharing period, the Driver is expressly prohibited from:

a)  letting the Vehicle be driven by persons other than those authorized;

b)  violate any rule of the Highway Code (Legislative Decree 285/1992 and subsequent amendments);

c)   use the Vehicle for commercial and / or economic purposes (by way of example: transporting passengers for a fee or transporting goods for a fee)

d)  use the Vehicle for participation in races, or other competitions. This limitation also extends to circulation on circuits used for car races;

e)   drive the Vehicle in prohibited areas or on surfaces unsuitable for vehicular traffic (dirt roads, off-road)

f)    tow other vehicles;

g)   use the Vehicle for illegal purposes or in any case contrary to the law;

h)  drive in a state of psychophysical alteration due to the use of alcohol and / or drugs.

i)    use the Vehicle for vehicle testing or safe driving courses;

j)    the transport of illegal, easily flammable, explosive materials or in any case considered dangerous for the safety of people or things.

k)  tamper with or alter, in any way, the Vehicle or the standard accessories;

l)    engage in any other conduct that could endanger or harm the safety of the driver himself, any passengers, other third parties and / or threaten or compromise the integrity of the Vehicle in use, other vehicles and / or surrounding things.

m) Violate the terms and conditions indicated in the insurance policy of the Owner

2.7. The Driver is made aware that in the event that any violation of the aforementioned limitations is found, the Owner and / or Wego reserve the right to terminate the sharing agreement at any time. The termination of the sharing agreement allows the Owner to immediately regain possession of the Vehicle. The costs relating to the immediate restoration of possession incurred by the Owner will be charged directly to the Driver by charging the means of payment chosen by the same at the time of booking.

2.8. Furthermore, the Driver is made aware that all damages, financial and otherwise, deriving from the violation of the provisions referred to in point 2.6 and following, involve the loss of any insurance guarantees. Therefore, the Driver will not only lose the benefits deriving from the insurance policy included in the sharing fee, but will also be held responsible for all damages, losses and costs suffered by the Owner as a result of non-compliance with the limitations referred to in point 2.6. and the following.

2.9. The Driver acknowledges and expressly agrees to be solely responsible for the payment of all tolls, fines, fines, administrative penalties or other fines connected with the use of the Vehicle during the sharing period. In the event that the relevant Authorities proceed to request payment directly from the Owner of the owner of the Vehicle, the penalties, costs and expenses all initially incurred by the Owner will be reimbursed by the Driver by charging the chosen payment method by the Driver at the time of booking.

2.10. In any case, the Driver acknowledges and expressly agrees to hold the Owner and Wego harmless from any cost, expense, penalty or fine resulting from the use of the Vehicle during the sharing period. In particular, the Driver is made aware that he will be charged an additional €30 as administrative costs for the management of practices relating to fines, fines or fines.

2.11. The Driver, as already mentioned in the previous point 1.6., Must use the fuel suitable for the shared vehicle and will be required to respond and reimburse all costs incurred for any repairs, for tow trucks and any other costs resulting from the use of the incorrect fuel.

2.12. In any case, Wego and the Owner will not be held responsible in any way for the deterioration, theft, the destruction or for any damage suffered by the things carried out by the Driver in the Vehicle during the sharing period, of which the Driver is solely responsible.


3.1. The Driver is made aware and expressly acknowledges that all damage to the Vehicle, other than the pre-existing ones and indicated in the “Technical Data Sheet” of the Vehicle booked and present on the “Volvero” platform, are the driver’s exclusive risk, except in the event that such damages have been reimbursed by third parties (or related insurance companies) or in the event that it is ascertained that the damage is due to the fault of the Owner.

3.2. The Driver also acknowledges and expressly accepts that with the delivery of the keys, he becomes the keeper of the Vehicle until the delivery of the same and the related keys to the Owner. In the event that the Driver at the time of return is not able, for any reason, to return the keys of the Vehicle, the costs for the replacement of the keys will be charged to the same as well as a penalty equal to a total of €30.

3.3. In the event that the Vehicle has been stolen, the Driver is required to immediately notify the Authorities and the Owner. In the event that the theft is due to the Driver’s fault (the theft is reported without returning the keys) the Driver will have to pay the full quotation value of the stolen Vehicle.

3.4. In any case, the Driver, as caretaker of the Vehicle during the sharing period, is advised to exercise the utmost diligence in using the vehicle and to take all precautions aimed at preserving its integrity.

3.5. Since the Insurance will only cover the period of use initially agreed, unless an extension is agreed, the Driver accepts and undertakes to bear any damage that may be caused in periods other than those agreed and of any damage not covered by the ‘Insurance.


4.1. All vehicles made available by the Owner are insured for Third Party Liability the Driver, therefore, is guaranteed against all claims for compensation from third parties for damages, property or otherwise, towards persons, for personal injury or death, and towards the property of others. This insurance is included in the cost of the sharing fee.

4.2. In the event of an accident, the Driver must take action in order to provide the evidence necessary for a correct identification of responsibilities. To this end he must: (1) proceed with the drafting of the CAI form or, alternatively, request the intervention and record of the incident from the Highway Patrol, Police or Traffic Police; In any case, the Driver is obliged to transmit a copy of the CAI (Jointly-agreed statement for insurance purposes) or the report drawn up by the police within 24 of the incident or hand it over in person when the Vehicle is returned, provided that the same occurs within 24 hours following the accident (2) collect the names and addresses of the witnesses present; (3) if required, even subsequently, to collaborate with the Owner in the management of any causes that may arise as a result of the accident; (4) not to leave the Vehicle unattended and without adequate protection.

4.3. In the event that no incident has occurred during the sharing, in order to allow the Owner to protect his rights against fraud or unfounded requests, the Driver must in any case, upon return of the Vehicle, explicitly declare that they have not suffered or caused any event. In any case, the damages reported to the Vehicle and not duly reported in the CAI or in the report drawn up by the police will be fully charged to the Driver on the payment method used for the booking.

4.4. If at the end of the sharing, after inspection of the Vehicle, unauthorized repairs are carried out and not indicated in the technical data sheet, the Driver must in any case pay the Owner the price for the complete replacement of the component on which the aforementioned repair has been carried out, unless it can be demonstrated that the interventions carried out have been authorized in advance by the Owner or, in any case, subsequently deemed suitable by the Owner himself.


5.1. At the beginning of the sharing the Vehicle is delivered, the fuel tank completely full. Therefore, at the end of the sharing period, the Driver is required to return the vehicle with the fuel tank completely full.

5.2. If the Vehicle is not returned with a full tank, Wego, acting as collection agent for the Owner who made the Vehicle available, will charge the Driver for the costs of the Vehicle refueling service. In this case, the Driver will be charged for the costs incurred for the additional fuel necessary to fill the tank, with an additional penalty of thirty euros (€30.00).

5.3. The Driver is obliged, in any case, to return the Vehicle in the state it was in at the time of delivery. In particular, in the case of an excessively dirty car inside, an excessively dirty car on the outside, a smell of smoke inside the car, signs of the presence of animals, Wego reserves the right to charge the Driver for the costs of cleaning service supported by the Owner. These costs are calculated based on the time it took to clean the Vehicle. In addition to these expenses, a penalty equal to a total of thirty euros (€30.00) will be applied.

5.4. The Driver is reminded that the shared Vehicle must be returned on the day, place and time indicated in the sharing voucher issued at the time of booking. The Driver is informed that early return of the vehicle will not give the right to any reduction or partial refund of the sharing fee established and paid.

5.5. The delay of thirty minutes with respect to the time established for the return of the Vehicle does not entail the application of any penalty. In the event that the Driver returns the Vehicle with a delay of more than thirty minutes, the Driver will be required to pay the daily rate, to which a penalty of a total of € 30 will be added.

5.6. In the event that the shared Vehicle is equipped with a navigator, the Driver is made aware of the fact that the data entered therein, or the journeys entered could remain in the navigator’s memory, with particular regard to any connection with personal telephone devices. The Driver is therefore invited to proceed with the cancellation of all data present in the navigation system of the Vehicle at the time of delivery.

5.7. All standard accessories inside the Vehicle are the exclusive property of the Owner who made the Vehicle available for sharing and the Driver is expressly forbidden to remove them. In the event that, at the time of delivery, some accessories have been removed or stolen from the Vehicle by the Driver, the Driver himself acknowledges that the relative replacement costs will be charged to him in addition to the possible exercise of the criminal action and a penalty of thirty euros (€30.00) for the missing accessory.


6.1. All vehicles on the platform must necessarily be in possession of a valid RCA contract (automobile liability insurance) which is the responsibility of the Owner. At the time of completing the booking, users subscribe to an additional temporary insurance policy, compatible with the current legislation.

6.2. The insurance coverage begins from the moment in which the Driver, after having regularly completed the booking procedures provided for by these terms, receives the delivery of the Vehicle.

6.3. The additional insurance coverage is automatically revoked if the Driver engages in one of the following conducts:

a)  The personal information or information relating to the Vehicle provided by the Driver and / or the Owner does not correspond to that entered on the platform. – Owner and Driver agree on a modification of the booking details without using the methods provided by the platform

b)  The payment of the reservation is not made entirely through the platform

c)   Any extension of the booking period must necessarily be made through the platform. If this is not possible, the Driver must promptly and without further delay contact customer service;

d)  The Vehicle is not in compliance with the laws and regulations for road traffic;

6.4. Any conduct contrary to road traffic regulations or the general terms of use of the service may also result in the loss of insurance coverage.


7.1. The Driver irrevocably authorizes Wego Srl, and the subjects authorized by it to collect, to charge all costs for sharing the Vehicle and the additional charges deriving from the sharing agreement, pursuant to points 2 to 5 above.

7.2. The Driver is required to provide Wego with specific authorization to use a credit card in his name. It should be noted that, should the amount charged to the credit card exceed the amount that the Driver could reasonably have expected, taking into consideration his previous spending model, the conditions of the framework agreement on payment services of the institution that issued the card and the relevant circumstances of the case, the Driver will be entitled to make a refund request against the bank that issued the card, within eight weeks of debiting the payment amount.

7.3. From the moment of receipt of the refund request by the institution that issued the card, the Driver has the right to a review period of his request equal to 180 days. The refund to the renter’s credit card will be made as soon as possible after the expiration of this review period.

7.4. Offsetting with Wego credits is only allowed for credits claimed by the Driver, or by an authorized driver, which are not contested or have been definitively ascertained.