FAQs for Owners

Getting started

How do I register?

You can sign up using your Facebook profile, Google account or any email account.
Once your account has been created, your identity will be verified via your mobile phone. While uploading your vehicle you will have to share the existing vehicle insurance and other relevant documents confirming that you are the owner of the vehicle.

Is my personal information shared with anyone?

Your name and vehicle are visible to drivers. We do not share your personal information (such as an uploaded driving license, existing insurance, tax code etc.) with drivers or any other third parties. Volvero protects your personal data and uses it only to verify your profile and make sure you are eligible for sharing a vehicle.

Who can request a reservation from me?

A driver who has a driving experience of at least 3 years may book your vehicle.

Delay, extension and cancellation

What to do in case of return delay?

In case of a delay in returning the vehicle, you can ask the owner to extend the sharing period. Otherwise, contact volvero assistance who will guide you in the correct procedures to protect you and the owner of the vehicle.

Am I charged for the delay in the return of the vehicle?

In case the extension of the rent is not possible late drop-off fees are applied depending on when the vehicle is delivered back. 

The first 20 minutes of the delay are free of charge. Every consecutive hour has a cost of 15€.  If the owner does not hear from you within 24 hours they may submit a theft report to the authority.

Can I extend the rental period?

Yes, to do so you have to request an extension from the owner in the app. The extension is valid only if the owner accepts it. In case the owner denies the extension, you should return the vehicle at the previously agreed time.

What if I want to cancel the trip immediately after taking the car?

If you want to cancel the booking of your trip shortly after leaving, contact volvero customer service to find out the correct procedures to perform. Please note that no refund is possible.

Damages, accidents and theft

What should I do if there are damages to my vehicle?

In the event of damage, report a photograph of the extent of the damage through the dedicated section of the app. Our team will take care of optimally managing the report. Based on the nature of the damage it will be covered by either the insurance or the driver.

What to do in case of theft?

In the event of theft of the vehicle, contact the volvero team immediately who will guide you through the Theft and Loss management procedure.

What should I do if a driver forgets to refuel?

In the event that the vehicle is returned with a lower fuel level than the one indicated, you can agree on compensation directly with the driver. In case the driver denies doing so, contact volvero assistance who will take care of compensating the amount due as soon as possible.

I received a fine for driver. What should I do?

In the event of a penalty received following the sharing of the vehicle on the platform, it will be necessary to ascertain that the sharing period coincides with the timing of usage by another member of the community; contact volvero support who will carry out the correct checks and communicate the non-payment of the penalty to the driver.

Insurance and assistance

What kind of coverage does volvero provide?

Volvero’s Peace & Safety Insurance, designed in collaboration with Europ Assistance, provides legal assistance, roadside assistance, and coverage of some damages to vehicles registered in the system. Please, refer to the insurance page to see complete terms & conditions.

Is it compulsory for the car to have regular insurance?

Yes, each vehicle shared on the platform must be provided with its own insurance which is supplemented by the protection offered by volvero.

The driver has an intention to go abroad with my vehicle, is it allowed?

Yes, volvero doesn’t pose geographical limits and volvero’s Peace & Safety Insurance provides international coverage. However, you can specify on your vehicle’s card that you do not allow international travel and drivers must respect this rule.

Manage your vehicle

What vehicles can I share?

Volvero allows for cars, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles such as campers. They must have been registered within the last 15 years and regularly insured with compulsory third-party liability coverage. We are extending the list with scooters, bicycles and more in some areas!

How can I share my vehicle on the app?

If you want to register as an owner, it is necessary to enter the data related to your driving license, tax code, and preferred form of payment. You will then need to register your vehicle and provide your existing insurance and the basic information to complete the vehicle card. Do not forget to honestly mention the existing flaws your vehicle has. At the end of the procedure, you will receive a confirmation notification: welcome to the volvero community!

Can I choose who rents my vehicle?

Of course. owners always have full visibility over drivers and their driving score. They may accept or decline requests that don’t fit their criteria.

What should I prepare when dropping off the vehicle?

When sharing the vehicle, remember to guarantee a correct and kind service to your guest. Respect the cleanliness and fuel values indicated in the vehicle evaluation form and be sure to offer a car ready to go. Remember to honestly report all pre-existing flaws and damages when uploading your vehicle to avoid misunderstanding with divers.

Where should I drop off the vehicle?

The place of pick up of the vehicle is agreed on by the driver and the owner at the time of a booking based on their needs.

Is it possible to have the car delivered by someone delegated by the owner?

At the moment it is not possible to delegate someone to deliver your vehicle to the driver, since volvero wants to ensure maximum transparency and security of the service.

What are the minimum and maximum duration of a trip?

The minimum travel period is 24 hours, while the maximum duration is 28 days. Please note that the maximum duration in Brussels is currently 14 days.

How many consecutive trips can the same driver book from me?

There is no limit to the number of reservations the same driver can ask from you.

Where does the driver have to return the vehicle to?

The place of return of the vehicle is established by the driver and owner at the time of sharing based on their needs.

What is the procedure to return a vehicle?

At the end of the sharing period, the driver should return the vehicle in the same condition and with the same level of fuel as when they picked it up to the place agreed with the owner. At the delivery of the keys back to the owner, the driver should confirm on the app that everything went smoothly.


How much can I earn with the service?

The potential savings or gains on the vehicle depend on the duration of the sharing. Our team is always available for our users to help to maximize the effectiveness of their profile on the platform. A Stripe account also needs to be set up to allow for the transfer of earnings.

How can I link my bank account to volvero?

To ensure the best experience and security for our customers, our payment and payout systems are powered by Stripe. Indeed, you will be able to link your bank by following the guided procedure in Stripe. To create a Stripe account or to link an existing account to volvero, you can do so in the payout section (profile>payment methods>payout) by clicking on the three dots to add an account.

Where can I see my earnings?

You can see your earnings by logging into your Stripe account linked to the volvero app. You will not be able to share any vehicles if you do not link a Stripe account to the volvero app.

Where do I receive my payout?

You receive your payout in Stripe. Within your account, you will see a list of transactions executed.