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Never as in this moment the cautious, unstable but regained freedom invites us to pack our bags, whether for a long holiday, a trip of a few days or a getaway on the weekend.

Here are the 4 main reasons for renting a vehicle to travel: save time, flexibility, save money, convenience.

Why travel with a rental vehicle

The main factor to keep in mind is time. When travelling, alone, with friends or family, we have limited time to make the most of, and often we end up putting aside activities that we would like to carry out but we cannot fit them into our itinerary.

How could this problem be solved?

Well, it can’t be solved altogether. However, we can optimize our time, which we often waste on the road. Renting a vehicle, whether it is a car, a motorbike, a camper (etc.) we would have time to reach the places and have all the adventures we want, quickly and effortlessly.

Think about it, with public transport we lose a great deal of time organizing the itinerary (and let alone the stress). We have to wait and be ready for the possible changes to be made. Not to mention all the dead times due to waiting because public transport is delayed or cancelled.

Having our own vehicle means planning our days according to our routine, and we also have the opportunity to stop on the roadside for exclusive landscapes!
When exploring a new location, it can be fun to visit non-touristy places that can give us a unique perspective; we can discover magnificent spots that other travellers do not have the opportunity to see; we have control of the music, essential component for an optimal journey; in addition, we do not have to respect schedules. After all, it is often the spontaneous detours that give the most unforgettable moments!

If we are travelling in a group, choosing to rent a vehicle is considerably cheaper than taking a taxi or bus. Those who travel alone, on the other hand, understandably have less costs using public transport. However, if we consider the comfort and freedom that the train or plane can give, renting a vehicle is incredibly cheaper. We can choose the most suitable means for each trip. This benefit can be far more advantageous if the itineraries vary: sea, mountain or city; long trip or a few days; in two, with family, friends or colleagues. Every new adventure can change our needs when it comes to transportation.

Similarly, it can change the price we are willing to pay. In the Volvero app (for which we can pre-register on Google Play), we can find a wide range of vehicles that vary not only in size, functionality or age of the vehicle, but also in the price. We can find cheap vehicles suitable for those who want to spend little to move around, or the latest super-equipped models for those who want to enjoy as much comfort as possible.

What about the insurance?

There is no such thing as safe and secure travel without insurance.
Using Volvero, an instant policy is created at the time of sharing and it is suitable for any specific situation. Volvero employs the best European experts in the field of Insurtech: Neosurance, an innovative platform able to connect insurance companies with a digital community of users in order to activate instant and appropriate policies for every need of the driver, developed in collaboration with Europ Assistance.

And in the unfortunate event of a breakdown or an accident? Do not panic! Volvero offers assistance and roadside assistance h24 free of charge.

With the Volvero app, available within a few weeks, you can rent the vehicle you are looking for as close to you as possible, to go wherever you want, whenever you want, at the price you want.

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