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We happily surpassed 10K downloads! 🤩

Also, we recently simplified some steps in the app in order to make the UX experience even better. If you haven’t done so yet, download the volvero app right away!


As anticipated in our last newsletter, this past month has been full of events! We kicked things off with the hackathon organised by the Bologna Business School, where students focused on volvero as a case study and we must say, they did an amazing job. 👨‍🏫

The Clean Cities ClimAccelerator demo-day took place in Madrid, and volvero was represented by Jose Luis Castedo (in the photo): thank you Jose! 💙

Jose pitching volvero

Podcasts enthusiasts, you don’t want to miss this one! Our CEO Marco Filippi has been interviewed in a famous podcast sponsored by a big corporate that supports tech projects. He and the host discussed past, present, and future of volvero… want to find out more? Stay tuned! 👂

South By Southwest was eventful to say the least! We were one of the 12 Italian innovators chosen to be in the central pavilion, and we went full on. We networked, we pitched and promoted volvero, and finally ended up interviewed by the most important radio channel in Italy, RAI Radio 2. 🚀

Speaking of good results, we want to thank Emily Jatczac, Flavia Spera and Mansur Karimi from Ironhack for their excellent UX and UI activities over the period they spent focussing on volvero.

Other bright students at SMU Cox, a Texan Business School, are currently working with us on developing scale-up ideas for volvero’s next stops. 👏

The last week of March has been rich of events. We were thrilled to have won the ioMobility Awards and to be hosted at the Bold Awards. The latter promote socially and environmentally impactful initiatives that we always fully support. 🙌

Marco Filippi at SXSW

What’s next?, we hear you asking…

Well, we’re not going to slow down much!

🇨🇳 🇨🇳 On the 11th volvero will fly to the ‘Chinese Silicon Valley’, Shenzhen, China, for the final stage of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition. We’re bringing our most unique feature to the field: technology that greatly increases both user satisfaction and user safety. 👌 祝你好运 🍀
We will also be in roadshow in Hong Kong, reach out if you’re around!

🌱Building on last year’s activities, and supported by EIT Urban Mobility, we are returning to Malta on the 23rd of April. The beautiful Valletta Design Cluster is hosting an event on sustainable mobility and our Marco Filippi will give a speech on the matter.

On 21st April (Earth Day! 🌍), we will be in Vicenza sharing the results of our commercial strategies. For those of you in the Veneto region, why don’t you come and say hi!

🏃‍♂️Finally, on the same day, a great marathon is taking place.. guess where? In volvero’s city, Padova! If you happen to be there, and want to rent a vehicle to explore all the Veneto region has to offer (it’s a lot, really), you know the app for you 😉 And you know what? We will give you a €40 voucher which you can activate just by contacting us!


“The most important challenge of our days, and a race against time: if we want to fight global warming, we have to aim for carbon-neutrality by 2030.”

This time we have twice the pleasure! Meet Elisa Navarro Carrillo and Ana Horta Bellido. Passionate about entrepreneurship, technological innovation, and of course sustainability, Elisa and Ana share with us their journey, talk about the Clean Cities ClimAccelerator programme, and highlight the importance of start-ups in the fight for a greener environment. Dive in!


Now this is something. Did you know that UX design can be sustainable too? Here you’ll find all sorts of resources and tools!

This article highlights how a “new urban narrative for sustainable development” is needed, especially by policymakers. What do you think?

What are the world’s top smart and sustainable cities in 2024? But especially, why are they? Read to find out!


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