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Did you know that we are about to celebrate 10k downloads?

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We started the GEC (Global Entrepreneurship Centre) scale up event, with the aim of maximise all our business scale up activities. The first sessions focused on important topics such as “The Art of Scaling”, “Customer Delight” and “Scaleup Vision”. Next sessions will be “Management in Times of Growth” and “Competitive Edge”: the focus will be on competition in the shared mobility field. Something to look forward to!

GEC logo

Meanwhile, the Basilicata Open LAB journey just came to an end. The LAB offered partnerships and workshops, and we focussed on creating synergies with the corporate part of the programme, as well as on increasing our commercial activities.

Another exciting opportunity we embarked on is Target-X, a EU project that offers support for digital transformation in various sectors, including the automotive driving. We paired up with MinervaS. Our goal is to explore the safety score card feature for volvero’s users, where we evaluate drivers based on their driving behaviour.

But let’s hear it from Sam Yeboah, our Project and Product Manager: “It’s thrilling to work on this groundbreaking feature with MinervaS, who have an exciting technology for driving safety which will be a perfect fit for volvero’s users.

part of the volvero team

Part of the volvero team at work!



Well, we’re excited to announce that we will be at eMobility Expo World Congress from the 13th to the15th February in Valencia: the largest and most multi-specialist platform for the mobility industry in Europe. Join our CEO Marco Filippi and +6,000 CEOs, CIOs, Directors of Mobility and Fleet Managers of large companies and public leaders from top cities and regions from all over the globe! Also, volvero is pitching on the 14th… come and show some support!

Marco at the e-mobility event in Valencia


image of a road with lights in long exposure

Embracing the Future of Mobility: car sharing is revolutionising transportation, offering convenience, sustainability, and a shift away from traditional ownership. Let’s explore the trends shaping the shared and connected era of driving.

man with phone and tablet, tram in the background

Once again, the future is bright! Gen Z is revolutionising transportation trends, embracing eco-friendly alternatives like car-sharing over traditional car ownership. Read more about this transportation revolution.

shared e-bikes

Public-private partnerships and informed policy incentives are crucial for the successful integration of shared mobility services, ensuring sustainable revenue models and the creation of a holistic urban mobility strategy. Here’s more!


Spread a word or apply yourself! We are looking for an Operations Intern to join our growing team. See the Careers section on the volvero website for all open positions.


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