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Dear Volveroes,

Our thoughts go to the people of Ukraine, our employees, their families, and to everyone from the affected territories. Hoping for the peace, we express our solidarity and take actions to provide support to those in need. 💙💛


Volvero team has recently travelled to 📍Sofia, Bulgaria, where we have encountered a great network of professionals, and possible partners, all thanks to the DIGI WOMEN event. DIGI WOMEN is aimed at developing a curriculum that offers training and mentoring sessions tailored to the needs of women entrepreneurs digitizing their business and helping them overcome the obstacles they face.

Marco Filippi, CEO and Founder, of Volvero, being one of the invited mentors, shared his experience in the interview for the Bulgarian National Radio.🎧


Marco will be sharing his expertise at the webinar “Guidance and Education for Entrepreneurship”. The event, taking place on the 10th and 17th of March is organized by the Ministry of Education of Italy and promotes the popularization of entrepreneurship among high school students.

India, as every market, has its own culture and its own way to do business. The companies that want to go international need to consider every aspect of the place they are scaling to. EU-India Innocenter guided us in understanding the needs and habits of this possible market and mapping competitors and regulations, in order to set up our strategy.

Pioneers into Practice, an EIT Climate-KIC programme, equips participants with practical tools needed to become the next generation of climate innovators and help to reach a net-zero society. Being a host company, Volvero is open to welcome talents in sustainability and innovation! Check open positions in our team.


Here are some news from mobility world, liked by our readers the most in the past days. Have you seen them yet?

Cars suck more cash than most people imagine…” – Carlton Reid for Forbes.

Zero residential parking and no private cars: Culdesac, residential development in Arizona, is set to welcome its first residents already this summer…

Do you know what is cruising? If you are a car owner you probably do it quite often!


Spread a word or apply yourself! We are looking for some great talents to add to our growing team. See the Careers section at the Volvero website to see the open positions and further details.


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