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A real lover of innovation and an all-round problem solver. It’s not common to encounter mentors with so much diverse experience, from management to startup founder, from teaching University and private courses to mentoring dozens of startups for public and private incubators. Today we are pleasured to have a chat with a tireless professional Andrea Povelato.

What is Volvero in your own words?
Volvero is an ambitious Startup with a focus on mobility and sustainability. Volvero aims to revolutionize the paradigm of vehicle ownership, management, and driving experience.

What value do you add to the company?
 I cover all the strategic areas of SMEs and Startups (Logistics – Accounting – Finance – Marketing), also fundraising, and Business development. I like to support ambitious projects with smart teams. I’m a natural problem solver… Give me all the information I need, and you can forget about it. I like “connecting the dots”. I’m also involved with Startup Grind, the world’s largest community of startups,  (backed by Google) founders, and innovators; where like-minded yet diverse individuals together to connect, learn, teach, one another.

 What are the main issues we have to tackle in today’s mobility challenges?
A friend of mine, one of the smartest people I know once told me: I sold my car because definitely I don’t need it, I can lease one every time I need to move … And I’m more respectful of our planet. And that’s the main point, vehicle ownership is not compulsory to travel or commute.

“I’m a natural problem solver…
I like connecting the dots

 What is it that Volvero does Best?
Volvero is exploring a great user experience adopting the most performing tech solution (artificial intelligence, blockchain) and a tailor-made insurance solution for maximum peace and safety.

Why would you suggest Volvero to a friend?
As a driver, you don’t have to invest money to acquire a vehicle that loses and consumes value very fast (or could get you in debt). You are free to move, even to another country with complete ease and flexibility.

How do you think the mobility industry will react after COVID-19?
By watching the trend it’s easy to notice that for safety and health reasons a lot of people are dropping public transport, to find more assuring solutions and the expectations for car-sharing are to double its market share in just 1 year.

Last but not least… what Is your favorite quote?

” Truth in business appeals to me most of all as a means of simplifying and advancing matters”

Memories of Hadrian – M. Yourcenar

That is all from Andrea, very insightful.