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This week for “Mentors By Volvero”  we had the chance to chat with: Jane Fischer!

Not all mentors are the same, if we think about truly polyhedric people that inspire others through their careers, achievements, and goals, Jane Fischer is one of them. She has more than 12 years of experience in international corporates, business development, strategy consulting, and runs operations in numerous fields: pharmaceutical and biotech-related, technological and software companies, and she’s also an advisor to the US, presidentially appointed, committee.

  1.  Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
    I did my Bachelor of Science from Iowa State University and completed Executive Development Programs at Harvard Business School. I held management positions at Baxter International in Organizational Development, US Government Affairs and Public Policy, International Law, and Ethics. I was also a direct report to the Chancellor and Deans of the Colleges of Medicine and Engineering as Director of Operations for at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
  1. What is your main area of expertise?
    I cover different roles in various projects such as Executive Management, Start-ups, Pharmaceuticals, Corporate, and Government Affairs.
  1. What is your unique value proposition as a professional?
    As a professional, I’m asked to lead many different projects, even very complex ones but I strive to deliver them with flawless precision.

I hope that my leadership and mentorship to start-ups prove to be helpful to humanity.

  1. What is for you the difference between hard work and smart work when it comes to starting a new business venture?
    Smart is how I prefer to work.  Using the hard lessons, I’ve learned over my career to helping streamline processes and make hard work, easy and fun!
  1. Tell us more about your experience with Volvero? How do you enter in touch with us?
    I had the good fortune in my capacity as a mentor at the 1871 incubator located in Chicago, to meet with Volvero’s CEO and founder, Marco Filippi.  Based on my understanding of marketplaces,  and my experience with startups, which are difficult but have a high potential as a business, I hope that the ideas I shared during our conversation prove to be fruitful for Volvero and the future of mobility.
  1. Last but not least … What impact do you want to have on Startups you lead?
    I hope that my leadership and mentorship to start-ups prove to be helpful to humanity.

WOW – What amazing insights from Jane, we are never tired of learning from you!