Wego srl developed volvero, an app for sharing vehicles that empowers private owners and businesses to recover ownership costs by sharing with local communities. MinervaS has developed a cutting-edge solution that optimises the speed profile for drivers, enhancing safety on the roads while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, leading to a more eco-friendly and secure driving experience.

The project “Demeter” combines MinervaS technology with volvero’s car-sharing use case to actively engage end users in safe driving practices. Leveraging 5G for improved data latency and data rate, Demeter measures driving performance and trains the digital twin to monitor vehicles and drivers on the road. This enables the extraction of safety KPIs and the creation of a driver performance scorecard, with a reward system in place for safe driving behaviour.

The outcome is a European shared mobility platform where drivers can adopt safe and green driving habits, generating data to improve the digital twin.

Project TARGET-X
c/o Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT
Steinbachstr. 17, 52074 Aachen Germany

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