Volvero is available in Brussels! 🇧🇪Subscribe to our newsletter and be among the first 50 users to get a free ride*

Volvero is coming to Brussels! 🇧🇪Subscribe and be the first to donwload the App

    Let’s go to Brussels!

    Following the victory of the RAPTOR challenge funded by EIT Urban Mobility, Volvero is live in Tour & Taxis neighborhood and will expand to Brussels in the future.

    About the pilot

    Free parking spots

    Parking spaces after the rent period could be privately agreed between the driver and owner. In alternative you can use free Volvero parking spots.


    Below is a selection of the main Frequently Asked Questions. The complete list of FAQs for Brussels are accessible at the following link.

    How do I register?

    You can sign up using your Facebook profile, Google account or any email account. Once your account has been created, your identity will be verified via your mobile phone. During your first booking, we’ll guide you through the approval process: you’ll be asked for your driving license information so that we can verify your identity and eligibility to use the service. Make sure you do not enter other people’s details, otherwise, your account will be blocked and this may also lead to legal actions.

    What vehicles can I rent?

    At the moment you can rent cars, SUVs, motorcycles, electric scooters and bicycles. Just make sure you have a valid driving license for the chosen vehicle!

    Where do I have to pick up and return the vehicle?

    The place of pick up and return of the vehicle is agreed on by the driver and the owner at the time of a booking based on their needs. Additionally, we have reserved free parking spaces in the Tour & Taxis premises (Parking Esplanade and Parklane Driving). Directions to the parking spaces are provided in the Parking FAQ section below.

    How do I get a free ride?

    After you did your first ride with Volvero send us a message with FREERIDE via Instagram DMs or at info@volvero.com. You can use your free ride until the 20th of May, 2022.

    How can I share my vehicle on the app?

    If you want to register as an Owner, it is necessary to enter the data related to your driving license, tax code, and preferred form of payment. You will then need to register your vehicle and provide your existing insurance and the basic information to complete the vehicle card. Do not forget to honestly mention the existing flaws your vehicle has. At the end of the procedure, you will receive a confirmation notification: welcome to the Volvero community!

    What is the minimum and maximum duration of a trip?

    The minimum travel period is 24 hours, while the maximum duration is 7 days.

    *After you do your first ride with Volvero, you will get a free ride to use until the 2oth of May, 2022.