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Here are some great new features that ultimately improve our user’s experience even more:

  • Users will receive useful notifications via email, making it easier to remember important information such as checkouts or bookings;
  • they have also now the in-app possibility of telling us where they heard about volvero: a quick question that will help us deliver an even better customer journey!

We hope you did by now, but if you haven’t done so yet… download the volvero app right away!


👀 Let’s kick off with some HUGE news!! *drum roll* We are the official Mobility Partners for TEDxCortina! We’re proud of this prestigious partnership, as volvero’s mission is very much in line with the innovative and contemporary topics TEDxCortina promotes every year! 🏔

Planning to attend the event in August? You’ll find plenty of vehicles available, AND we have a dedicated discount in place: 2 days of rental at the price of 1! 😍 You’ll just have to mention the code volveroTEDx before booking by Whatsapping us at +39 3533201096. 🔝

As anticipated in our last newsletter, we were selected as finalists at the In The Green Future award, promoted by the Campania University (Italy), which made our sustainable souls pretty happy! 🌱

We also presented our latest innovations in Rome at the ROCK (Registry Open Contest for Knotworking) event promoted by RetImpresa. It was a hit, and we were definitely on a Highway to Hell with excitement! 🤟 Stay tuned for the episodes as the show was recorded and you will discover the 3 startups making it to the final stage in Detroit! 🛩

A few days ago you could have found our Marco and Alice at this year’s We Make Future massive festival in Bologna. We liaised with start-ups, prospects and investors, and saw some very cool robots in the meanwhile! 🤖

🚀 Two weeks ago we were in Prague at the CASSINI Entrepreneurship Days. CASSINI is the European Commission’s initiative to support entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs in the space industry. 🌟 You read it right, space! Did you know? Volvero uses space-based data to inform our telematic innovations and make the driving experience safer.

In May we were in Zaragoza, Spain, for the 7th edition of the Mobility and Industry Suppliers Meeting (MISM). We connected with new partners during what is one of the main automotive ecosystems in Spain! 🚙


(In the picture, Marco and Alice from the volvero team at We Make Future 2024. Below, Marco at the CASSINI event.)

🌍 And last but not least, as the true globetrotters we are, we went to the beautiful city of Genova for the Be Digital event, where we discussed digital sustainability from an environmental, social and economical perspective.

Digitalisation is fundamental to sustainable progress, and the mobility field is no exception! 🔝

What’s next?, we hear you asking…


Well, on the 3rd of July we will be in Turin for the CTE demo day event, 5G & Emerging Tech. We were selected to present our innovative solutions in the Cleantech field, after taking part in the acceleration programme promoted by CTE Next. 🚀 Don’t want to miss it? Register here to take part in the event!

Any chances you’ll be in Padova over the next month? Get in touch! We have many events and activities in place, and we are always happy to chat over a spritz! 🍷

Speaking of activities… we’re looking for a new Intern! Know anyone in the Padova area who might be interested? Send them our way! We’ll be glad to meet them and get them on board. 🤝


(On the right, part of the volvero team in Padova)


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Spread a word or apply yourself! We are looking for an Operations Intern to join our growing team. See the Careers section on the volvero website for all open positions.


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