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Did you know that volvero had 8500 downloads in 2023?

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November has been an intense month, full of stimulating events! Let’s kick off with our CEO Marco Filippi‘s interview (below) in 📍Barcelona at the Tomorrow Mobility event. There, we discussed with EIT Urban Mobility and other founders how EIT UM has been supporting start-ups and what the tech sector needs to grow in Europe (Marco suggested – long story short – capital, network and competencies). What do you think?

On the same topic, Marco also advocated for the tech entrepreneurs cause during the Spinelli forum in Berlin by proposing the creation of a new type of EU tech entity to facilitate the growth of the EU technology ecosystem; read the full proposal on Marco’s post. On the day after, the activities of the forum have been acknowldged by the heads of state Olaf Scholz and Giorgia Meloni during the bilateral German-Italian meeting in Berlin.

The journey with Impact Deal has come to an end with the Demo Day in 📍Turin. The 6 months experience was in partnership with Wind 3, Banca Sella and the City of Turin, which allowed us the access to a series of data that will make the volvero user experience even better!

The Web Summit (📍Lisbon) is always a good opportunity to meet with peers, and people from all over the world. Thank you Made of Lisboa for the support!

Alice (our marketing and communications manager) was in📍Budapest for the REMOBILISE event, where we cooperated with other businesses in the mobility industry and explored some innovative technologies in Hungary (like the insides of a brand new e-bus, as you can see in the pic) .

📯 On 27th November we were at the Top of PID Veneto 2023, the recognition promoted by the Digital Enterprise Points – PID of the Veneto Chambers of Commerce in coordination with Unioncamere del Veneto and the University of Padova.
This important prize is intended for companies that have been able to invest in the areas of digital transition and sustainability. volvero has been awarded for our innovative technologies and for our positive environmental and social impact!💪🏻🌱🚀

And here are some smiling members of our team at the Futurmotive event in 📍Bologna, where volvero brought its innovation in the heart of the mobility industry. Thanks to the organisers, who decided to give us a special spot.


Last but not least, last week we attended the China-Italy Science, Technology and Innovation Week in 📍Beijing. The event served as an important intergovernmental technology exchange and cooperation platform between China and Italy. 🤝🏻
✨Importantly, volvero was the start-up chosen to represent Italy in the mobility and tourism sector. ✨

What’s next?, we hear you asking…

Well, Take Off Istanbul has been taking place yesterday and today, and the team will be there, get in touch for a nice cup of çay!

In 📍Malta we are ending the residency programme right these days, so you can reach out there as well if you happen to be around.

We’re happy to share that…

Thanks to last week’s EU funding new injection of capital, we are basically done with the round! 🇪🇺😊


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