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Did you know that volvero had 6000 downloads in 2023?

Speeding up with an average of 700 downloads per month, we base the research and app development on the feedback of our users to improve the functionality of the app. Here is what has changed in the app with the latest release:

  • the caution amount is now €79, to make volvero even more inclusive and still safe and secure;
  • users can now add a rating for their bookings, so security and transparency are increased.

All good reasons to download the volvero app right away!


As we intensify our activities in Malta, we thought you might fancy having a look at our presentation for the Pitch Black event at the Start Up Festival, with our CEO Marco Filippi on stage. The competition was very unique: no slides, just us, our voices and our ideas!

More recently, Marco was invited to an event hosted by Plenitude, the ENI company devoted to renewable energy – so right up our street! 🌱 This intrapreneurship initiative in Milan brought together 20 talents from Plenitude who received a motivational training from Marco about factors to consider when starting a business, challenges to overcome, and how to trigger innovative thinking.

Our COO Kayode was in Brussels for the European Angel Investment Summit, which brought together EU policy makers, investors, and a few selected startups to discuss ways to fuel Europe’s growth. Volvero was present engaging with current partners and future collaborators 🚀.

(In the photo: founders at the event – Kayode from volvero and Ennio Adinolfi from MinervaS)

November is going to be quite the month…! You can meet volvero all over Europe (and beyond…) as we build connections and showcase our latest achievements.

Come see us in 📍Barcelona on the 7th, when we will be presenting at the Tomorrow.Mobility event. Our team will be also interviewed, and you can watch us live by following the Tomorrow.Mobility website.

And how could we not take part in this year’s Web Summit in📍Lisbon (13-17 November)? Come and support our pitch on the 16th!

You’ll find Alice (our creative & comms specialist) in📍Budapest (15-17 November) for the REMOBILISE event, where volvero will cooperate with other businesses in the mobility industry.

📍Bologna will host the Futurmotive event (16-18 November) and you can find our business development team with Sam and Marco at the volvero stand, come and say hi!

The final conference of the Spinelli forum in 📍Berlin (20-21 November) will gather 40 young leaders who will continue the discussion on issues the EU should be targeting; our CEO Marco contributed underlying how EU international policies should support innovators.

Last but not least, volvero was invited to attend the China-Italy Innovation Week in  📍Beijing (28-29 November), thanks to the appreciation shown towards our innovative technology. The event serves as an important intergovernmental technology exchange and cooperation platform between China and Italy. In the (unlikely?) case you’re there text us for a nice cup of zhū chá!


They say about us…

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they [volvero] have engineered a more streamlined, intelligent, and secure car-sharing experience that bridges the gap between vehicle owners and individuals seeking a more efficient transportation solution

Have a look at the above interview with our CEO Marco!


“Data is a ‘mirror’ of reality and perhaps the most concrete way we have today to embrace the complexity of the world we live in.”

Start-up Mentor and Data Sharing Enthusiast: Program Manager for TOP-IX and mentor in various projects including Impact Deal, Christian Racca shares with us his views on data, its utilisation, and its social impact. Dive into the interview to learn more!


An interesting read on mobility data, and on European initiatives in the sector. Check out  Unlocking the potential of mobility data to learn about the future of this sector of the industry.

Another great resource to discover more about mobility data, PrepDSpace4Mobility even features an interactive map of ecosystems across Europe

(scroll down the article to view it).

No complex talk, just a light but interesting article on the potential of mobility data spaces. Read what Judith O’Meara, from EIT Urban Mobility, has to say on the matter.


Spread a word or apply yourself! We are looking for an Operations Intern to join our growing team. See the Careers section on the volvero website for all open positions.


Wonder how it is working at volvero? Check out the monthly #volverobehindthewheel sneak peeks featuring our employees.