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Did you know that volvero had 4000+ downloads in 2023?

Speeding up with an average of 700 downloads per month, we base the research and app development on the feedback of real users to improve the functionality of the app. Here is what has changed in the app with the latest release:

New app screens in Apple and Google stores better represent the improvement of user journey and overall experience.
• We updated our Terms & Conditions, for maximum transparency on the new procedure of holding a caution amount.
• Improved translations and adaptability features were added to personalize the experience for each newcomer.

We are pretty sure you already did it… But if not, download the volvero app right away to check out the improvements!


Picked as a finalist among the participating 15 start-ups, volvero continues its journey with Impact Deal accelerator. 🚀Meet us in 📍Turin on the 14th and 15th of September and, in the meantime, read more about the project here.

Here is to the new partnership! MinervaS has developed a cutting-edge solution that optimizes the speed profile for drivers, enhancing safety on the roads while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, leading to a more eco-friendly and secure driving experience. So, volvero joins forces with MinervaS to create a relevant consortium for future mobility topics.

Digithon, the largest Italian digital marathon took place on the 31st of August in Bisceglie, Apulia. Kudos to the network who supported us, the volvero pitch was a blast!

Boost Your Ideas has kicked off and volvero is among the best-ranked start-ups to join the program. With the most important players in the field of innovation and mobility, we are ready to do great things and finish the program with the relevant confirmed pilots.

Meet volvero in 📍Florence on the 18th of September, where we will be showcasing the latest achievements at the Nana Bianca accelerator to its vast ecosystem of start-ups and innovators.

📍Regensburg, 28-29 September, we are back in the city for the Mobility Assembly on RECIPROCITY project, which focuses on such crucial things as the best practices, policy recommendations and the most innovative mobility solutions.


“It doesn’t really make sense if you’re using an EV if you are charging EVs with coal fuel.”

Meet Elena Nikonova, Senior Executive experienced in the development & implementation of Go2Market, Growth and Commercial Strategies in Renewables, Clean Mobility and Infrastructure. Being lucky to have had Elena as a mentor, we couldn’t miss a chance to ask her a couple of questions. Dive into the interview to find out more about EV transition and some good advice on how to achieve it!


Advised by Elena: “Hidden Impact”, written by Babette Porcelijn.

Read to learn what is the real impact of the products you buy and some scientific proof that an EV does have on average about 30% to 40% less footprint than a diesel car.

No complex talk, just a practical read on the industry, main trends and challenges.

Check out to keep up with global changes in the transition from fossil-fuel transport to electric transport.

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Did you know what are the Top 12 Mobility Industry Trends in 2023? Well, you know where to look for an answer!


Spread a word or apply yourself! We are looking for an Operations Intern to join our growing team. See the Careers section on the volvero website for all open positions.


Wonder how it is working at volvero? Check out the monthly #volverobehindthewheel sneak peeks featuring our employees.