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Dear Volveroes,
scroll down for our latest updates and achievements and don’t forget to pre-register for the Volvero app on Google Play! These days we have a schedule packed with travelling so reach out if we are around your city and come to say hi.

Find us in…


7.09 – 11.09       📍 Munich, Germany at IAA Mobility Forum
20.09 – 22.09     📍 Istanbul, Turkey at Take Off, International start-up summit
28.09 – 30.09     📍 Málaga, Spain at S-Moving Forum
29.09                   📍 London, England at CordaCon
October               📍 Santiago, Chile as a Start-up Chile participant



In the past month


Volvero took part in Emoving Days in CityLife quarter, Milano, an event devoted to sustainable mobility which attracted more than 80.000 visitors on the 4-5 of September. We spoke about the future of mobility along with the panel of other innovators in the sector and enjoyed the informative talks throughout the event.
Start-Up Chile acceleration programme has kicked off. Along with other 32 high-impact global start-ups, we are fired up to start this journey and meet the great network. That’s why you can find us in Santiago, Chile starting in October!

Ground-breaking technology🚀 


Volvero merges with Drive Buddy, a driving behaviour analytics solution. We have developed a patent technology that focuses on the application of telematics to the vehicle sharing platform to predict driving behaviour and encourage road safety. Follow our social channels and the newsletter for the details of the merger!


What’s next?


Founder & CEO of Volvero, Marco Filippi, is a speaker at CordaCon 2021. Tune in on September 29 at 3:00 PM GMT+1 and follow his speech about how Volvero leverages Corda’s DLT to deliver the best experience to its users.



Mentor of the month


Last month we sat down and talked to Rafael Citadella Daron – CEO and Founder of Tog Design, start-up mentor, and facilitator in the areas of design, innovation, and technology. Read the interview for some expert opinion!




See You Next Month!