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volvero, a vehicle sharing app, launches its service in Italy in collaboration with Neosurance and Europ Assistance Italy.

The partnership is aimed at the promotion of a more sustainable use of existing vehicles owned by private owners and businesses such as car dealers and rentals. 

Milan, 9 November 2022. volvero, the most advanced vehicle sharing platform, enters the Italian market. Volvero allows owners of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, and campers to share them with anyone who needs to rent one, in the most efficient and safe way.

The issues of security and insurance protection issues are crucial for the app, which many call an “Airbnb for vehicles”. Being one of the pioneers in Italy, volvero is a part of a rapidly growing peer-to-peer car sharing market, projected to exceed $ 21 billion on major global markets (Source: Accenture), in addition to $ 186 billion estimated for the B2C sector by 2030 (Source: Precedence research).

Benefits for the owners and the drivers

Vehicle ownership always entails costs increasingly difficult to amortize in the event of rare use: from purchase costs to fuel, insurance, taxes, parking and maintenance, to name some. volvero offers the possibility of recovering the ownership costs by sharing the vehicles when they are being idle, including those of dealers, car rentals and businesses. At the same time, people who do not have access to traditional forms of mobility, for social and geographical reasons or simply do not own a vehicle, have the possibility to rent one, just for the period they want, choosing from a wide variety of vehicles available on the app.

Through the digitalization of the sharing process, Volvero makes it possible to rent or share a vehicle in the most efficient and safe way, saving time and money for the users. The fully digital solution includes the onboarding of customers, collection and verification of documents, management of payments and the customer’s acknowledgement of the Peace and Safety insurance coverage created for volvero by Europ Assistance Italy and integrated into the volvero app by insuretech Neosurance, with no charges to the customer.

The activation of the insurance

The insurance offered by Europ Assistance Italy is automatically activated at the beginning of the sharing period. One can access the policy documents directly on the volvero app and in a few taps. This solution thus favours a sustainable use of existing vehicles and fleets, guaranteeing daily coverage that includes a glass guarantee and a bonus/malus guarantee for the vehicle owner, as well as protecting the driver in case of roadside assistance requests and the need for legal protection. 

Drop-off and pick-up of the vehicle

By meeting with the owner (or their delegate), the driver collects the vehicle keys and checks the condition of the vehicle. Upon delivery, the owner will evaluate parameters such as punctuality and the presence of any damage on the volvero app, helping to define the driver’s reliability profile, for the benefit of the entire community.

To make a difference and promote vehicle sharing, one can simply download the volvero app already available on Google Play and the App Store and rent from a range of vehicles from an electric bicycle to a camper in the most economic, safe and fast way. Debuting with a first vehicle sharing service in the Veneto region, volvero is coming to the other Italian regions within the next few months.

“We believe in advanced mobility; reliable and shared. These are the two key characteristics that will be fundamental for the success of all the new modes of transport and which volvero brings to the market.

Together with our international partners such as the European Institute of Technology and Europ Assistance Italy, we meet the needs of public institutions and end users in order to create together the best mobility service that suits the needs of everyone. While the partnership with a reliable digital broker such as Neosurance allows us to simplify and better manage our customers’ expectations”, Marco Filippi, CEO of volvero.